Mobility Transition Demonstration Tours

The four Mobility Transition Demonstration Tours showcase around 60 of Hamburg’s most innovative ITS projects, including Hamburgs ITS Anchor Projects. They have been designed around the topics „Digitising Urban Traffic“, „Logistics Experience“, „Hamburg sets the Pace“ and „Future Rail Experience“ and will run Tuesday-Friday during ITS Congress hours. Below you will find more information on each Mobility Transition Demonstration Tour and details of most of the projects. Please note, only the main projects demonstrated in each Mobility Transition Demonstration Tours are listed. All of these projects will also be presented on the ITS Hamburg booth in Hall B4.

The Mobility Transition Demonstration Tours can be booked free of charge by ITS Congress Participants via the ITS Congress App or onsite in the Demonstration Hall B2. The App will be available in September.

Timetable of each tour: Tuesday to Friday (final times will be published in the ITS Congress App)
Start and end location of each tour: Hall B2, Boarding Area

Digitising Urban Traffic

Better flow | Less Disturbance | More Safety

The City of Hamburg is working intensively on the digitalization of mobility with the aim of making transport safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly and meeting the needs of the people of Hamburg. During an interactive Tour in the heart of Hamburg you will experience how Intelligent Infrastructure and Digitisation of Urban Traffic can help making traffic more environmentally friendly and comfortable. There will be shown different point of views via tablets in the e-bus, explaining both the front-end and the backend of the core projects of Hamburg’s ITS strategy from the fields of urban traffic detection, smart parking, construction site planning, traffic management and control. The impacts of these projects can be experienced live during the tour and they will be presented by a moderator. For example, Hamburg’s test track for automated and connected driving (TAVF) is characterized by heavily loaded city and district streets in the city center of Hamburg. As a result, complex framework conditions exist for the trials of automated driving functions, safety assistance systems and environmental sensors.

The following ITS Anchor projects from Hamburg can be expected on this tour:

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Logistics Experience

Moving Goods With Modern Services

The Logisitcs Experience Tour will show projects on the water, under water, on land and up in the sky focused on ITS logistics-solutions. The group will be picked up for a bus ride through the harbor. During the ride there will be two narrative threads via tablets in the bus and a tour guide, explaining both the front-end and the back-end of Hamburg’s ITS strategy from the fields of Port and Logistics at Kattwykbridge and HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder – CTA. In the end, home:PORT ed. drone:PORT aims to show different drone demonstrations on water, on land and in the air. Autonomous vehicles will demonstrate tasks of transport, surveillance and other services, individually and in combination of these transport modes. Visitors take the “ITS ferry” at Elbe river back.

Please note: Booking of this tour closes October 1st. To join this tour you need to send a copy of your passport to the organiser via by October 1st. Please make sure to have this exact ID / passport with you when joining the tour. To enter the CTA Area you will have to present your ID at the entrance control.

The following ITS Anchor projects from Hamburg can be expected on this tour:

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Hamburg Sets the Pace

Multimodal | Reliable | Customer-centric

Hamburg sets the pace where everybody should have access to a mobility service within 5 minutes until 2030 – multimodal, reliable and customer-centric. The road tour offers the chance to visit Hamburgs efforts for a modern mobility mix with public transport, on-demand and sharing services that can be used in an integrated manner and complement each other in a useful way. This creates offer instead of planning according to demand, more offer and tighter intervals enables mobility without a timetable and an integrated offer with sharing- and pooling-providers. It will be shown how intelligent infrastructure can help making cycling more attractive secure and faster. With the connection of the first and last mile to public transport the ioki shuttles give an insight to innovative access for the seamless booking of intermodal travel in Hamburg.

The following ITS Anchor projects from Hamburg can be expected on this tour:

Future Rail Experience

Intelligent | Smart | Comfortable

The digitalisation of rail traffic and the automation of last mile feeder services making transport in Hamburg more intelligent, smart and comfortable. Experience future mobility now on a highly automated journey from Hamburg Dammtor railway station to Hamburg-Bergedorf, where the fully automated deployment of trains will be demonstrated. In addition, visit an autonomous on-demand operation on the “first and last mile” of public transport and return with an S-Bahn equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology for environment perception and real-time localization. Besides these highlights, the first part of the tour implements a future interior design from Digital Customer Experience (S-Bahn) in one part of the vehicle and passenger television with information’s about mobility services at over 70 hvv switch points located throughout the city.

The following ITS Anchor projects from Hamburg can be expected on this tour:

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