5G-Loginnov = Logistics Innovation based on 5G and Advanced Traffic Management (Horizon 2020 Innovation Action)

5G-Loginnov Demonstration Tour during I.T.S. Conference

Innovation ensures that traffic flows better in port areas and hinterland. Here, logistics transports can benefit of Green Light Optimum Speed Advisory (GLOSA) and Cooperative I.T.S. It is well-known that such systems have the potential to reduce one third of the emissions in urban areas. By interconnecting the vehicles with each other, their speed can be determined by a lead vehicle. Visitors of our demonstration tour will see a 5G-Loginnov vehicle equipped with 5G enabled GLOSA ensuring that green phases are transmitted by ultra-reliable low latency, thus mitigating negative impacts of urban emissions. Additionally, the T-Systems app Low Carbon Mobility Management (LCMM) measures and quantifies the reductions achieved.

Messe Hamburg Halle B2


TOPIC 1 – Automated & Connected Driving