Urban Air Mobility Demonstrations

At the new congress topic “New services from new technologies”, we will emphasize the importance of Urban Air Mobility innovation to the ITS community. Unmanned systems can extend existing services, whether they are bound on land, sea, or air.

This new topic is just as fascinating for the established ITS community as it is for the citizens of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As an Urban Air Mobility model city, unmanned aviation is also an important aspect for Hamburg from a strategic point of view. Furthermore, the port of Hamburg will be proving ground for innovative projects, in the waterways and in the air.

homePORT – how to get there:
A bus shuttle will run between the Messe and Landungsbrücken (access to the homePORT) every 30 minutes from 08:50am. From Landungsbrücken you can reach the homePORT either on foot through the Old Elbtunnel or by HADAG ferry 75 (Landungsbrücken (Brücke 2/Bridge 2) – Steinwerder).


Managing drone traffic – from safe to secure

Since June 2018, Hamburg has been part of the Urban Air Mobility initiative of the “European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities” making it a model region for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In close cooperation between industry, universities and authorities, use cases and technologies for UAS in metropolitan regions will be developed over the next years. With its UAS lead projects FALKE and UDVeo, Helmut Schmidt University is playing a pioneering role in civil drone defence and UAS traffic management. Both projects will jointly demonstrate their concepts and technologies publicly for the first time at the ITS World Congress. The aim is to illustrate how UAS traffic can be managed safely and efficiently based on the U-space regulation and how a highly automated counter UAS system, including management platform, surveillance system and an AI-based counter UAS actuator, can enforce airspace security.

For further information click here: www.hsu-hh.de


Autonomous medical drone delivery system

Labor Berlin and Matternet started the first phase of a permanent medical drone network in the European Union’s largest city in November 2020. The program seeks to link Labor Berlin’s Central Laboratory with several facilities in Charité and Vivantes hospitals throughout the city. The aerial BVLOS delivery network expects to significantly improve the timeliness and efficiency of Labor Berlin’s diagnostics services, improving patient care while alleviating urban congestion and reducing emissions. Matternet will demonstrate in Hamburg how its autonomous drone delivery system will be used by Labor Berlin to connect hospitals with laboratories in the city of Berlin.

The Matternet system has accumulated more than 38000 flights of which 14000 commercially in the US and Europe.


U-Space service provider

Droniq is the leading platform for unmanned aviation, enabling professional drone flights that are safe and in compliance with applicable regulations. The company combines the aviation expertise of DFS, the German air navigation service provider, the competence in mobile communications of Deutsche Telekom, the integrated telecommunications company and the know-how of the general aviation. Droniq offers a solution that integrates drones safely and sustainably into airspace and enables flights beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) by providing a UAS traffic management system (UTM) based on innovative mobile communications technology.

Together with Deutsche Flugsicherung Droniq is currently implementing the first U-Space sandbox in Germany. By this, Droniq is approaching its goal to become the first U-Space service Provider in Germany, offering all U-Space services as described by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Autonomous obstacle avoidance and mapping

SPLEENLAB GmbH is a highly specialized AI software company primarily engaged in the development and distribution of safe machine learning solutions for semi- and fully autonomous mobility, in particular flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), helicopters, air cabs, self-driving vehicles and beyond. In their VISIONAIRY® software stack, Spleenlab offers several software products, such as safe Detect&Avoid, safe Groundrisk Estimation, precise 3D RGB Mapping and more. These products are platform independent and can be integrated into any aircraft. These products are platform independent and can be integrated into any aircraft. At the ITS World Congress, Spleenlab will demonstrate its capabilities in safe autonomous flight by autonomously approaching, orbiting and mapping a light pole safely.



HomePORT—an innovation campus located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg—provides a stimulating and nourishing platform for port innovators from science, technology and start-ups. Following the slogan “Connect, Collaborate & Create”, homePORT provides an open space to drive the innovation and development of maritime and logistics products, to achieve beneficial results for the maritime port industry.


Drone demonstrations in the heart of Hamburg

To develop innovations in a real-world environment, members and partners of homePort will have access to a diverse set of testing sites for drones in the harbor area, including terrestrial, maritime and aerial space. HomePort will feature current drone projects from industry and research partners at the ITS World Congress, such as bidaily live demonstrations of echo.1, RoboVaaS, SeaClear and more.


Additive manufacturing – 3D printing in mobile factories

Additive manufacturing is playing an increasingly important role in all sectors of industry, including ports. In collaboration with Fraunhofer IAPT and Bionic, HomePORT will feature mobile factories at the upcoming ITS World Congress to showcase the current state of the art in 3D printing.


HomePort will also present IoT projects at the ITS Congress. This involves showcasing of the research project I2PANEMA, involving a “smart ferry” equipped with state of the art technology, as well as the project KONVOI, involving a product for the detection of cargo theft on trucks.


Location: Hamburg harbour area

For more click here: https://www.homeport.hamburg/