Technical Visits

The chance to experience the most innovative ITS solutions, live and on-site!

Technical visits are an unique opportunity to explore the most advance ITS technical developments into real-life operations. Technologies will be shown in available locations, in and around Hamburg and all over Germany: the ITS Team will organise the transfers to the locations.

Please note that Technical Visits requiring long-distance transfers to the assigned location will be scheduled before or after the ITS World Congress days, in order to give you the possibility to attend the technical visit you choose without missing the activities scheduled in the general Congress programme.

For questions, please contact us here.

On the following you will find a detailed description of each Technical Visit we will offer during the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg. The Technical Visit slots will be bookable via the online registration at 45,00€ excl. VAT / tour. Seats are limited.

Congress topic: Automated & Connected Driving

Hamburg University of Technology


Two automated friends – Passenger shuttle and delivery robot operating together in a challenging urban environment

The transport of passengers and goods has usually been considered separately. In the interest of sustainable and future mobility, both forms of transport should be considered in an integrated way. A change from the traditional system to a combined system, in which goods and people are transported together, requires new concepts. These must be studied on test fields under real conditions. TaBuLa-LOG investigates the integration of autonomous delivery robots into an automated passenger shuttle that had been implemented in a previous research project. The delivery robots have been developed specifically for this use case. The whole system is now being evaluated under real world conditions. Many challenges of a technical and structural nature are revealed.

Location: Lauenburg (around 50km away from Hamburg)
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Nordsys GmbH


Experience todays and future V2X use-cases first-hand

Participate in live demonstrations how V2X technology can improve road safety. On the ADAC Driving Safety Center Hannover/Laatzen (FSZ) NORDSYS GmbH shows how V2X applications can be tested and demonstrated on a closed proving ground. The facility combines real and even very special road elements, e.g. various glide surfaces, skid pads and aquaplaning lanes with virtualised V2X technology. The installations on the FSZ proving ground allow various and complex use-cases and thereof derived dynamic test scenarios for V2X based ADAS and AD functions.

In this excursion you will experience:

  • Dynamic drive demo of day-1 use cases (SSVW, IVS, EBL, ICW, etc.)
  • Mixed real world and simulated V2X testing
  • Simulation of traffic scenarios with virtualised V2X stations (vehicles and infrastructure)
  • Future of infrastructure based VRU protection with CPM

This event is organized and executed by the cooperation of NORDSYS GmbH and ADAC Fahrsicherheits-Zentrum Hannover/Laatzen GmbH.
Drive. Experience. Today.

Location: Hannover (about 165km away from Hamburg)
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Volkswagen AG & Wolfsburg AG


Wolfsburg: Becoming a Smart:City real-world laboratory

Experience the real-world laboratory, a test field for digital mobility in Wolfsburg which is set up in a public private partnership between the City of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG. Explore use cases for digital infrastructure with 5G technology and visit Volkswagen AG headquarter locations.

Location: Wolfsburg (about 225km away from Hamburg)
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Congress topic: Mobility on Demand, Mobility as a Service

Hamburger Hochbahn AG


Visit of electric bus depot in Alsterdorf

The most state-of-the-art bus depot in Germany has been erected on a floor space of 45,000 square metres in Alsterdorf, between the tracks of the U1, the S-Bahn and the goods bypass railway. The buses stand underneath 6 carports and are connected to the electricity and compressed air supply when they are not out on service. This is where HOCHBAHN’s growing electric bus fleet will in future be “refueled” with 100% certified green energy. The e-buses will be recharged overnight. HOCHBAHN’s first proprietary transformer station takes care of that, converting the voltage of 110 kV into the 20 kV needed.

Location: Hamburg
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MOIA Hub Wandsbek

MOIA is a ridesharing service of Volkswagen where you share your trip with others traveling in your direction, by combining trips. With combining trips, you´re helping to protect the environment, ease traffic congestion, and reduce costs.

Location: Hamburg
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NAH.SH (Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig-Holstein GmbH)


Rural On-Demand Mobility & Ridepooling

The state of Schleswig-Holstein and the county of Rendsburg-Eckernförde (just north of Hamburg) are working on a pilot project to connect rural communities in a more efficient and cost-effective way – via on-demand mobility. Using the most modern of digital technology, passengers can book a ride from a virtual bus stop via a personalized smartphone app, and a backend routing algorithm will show their driver the most efficient way to transport them while pooling them with other passengers along the way. Experience this new form of on-demand mobility yourself and see why Schleswig-Holstein plans on offering this service throughout the entire state.

Location: Rendsburg (about 105km away from Hamburg)
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WunderCar Mobility Solutions GmbH


Wunder Mobility

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Wunder Mobility. Learn and understand how new mobility solutions like electric car-, scooter-, bike-, or moped sharing can be launched and scaled.

Location: Hamburg
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Congress topic: Goods journey from ports to customers

Cargo Maglev Demonstrator GmbH


TSB Cargo Demonstrator

Visit the first physical demonstration facility of the new TSB Cargo technology developed by Max Bögl Group. It is a maglev system for the individual, efficient and CO2 neutral transport of standard ISO container units on a separate guideway.
On the TSB Cargo demonstration facility we present you the core components of this transport system including guideway, vehicle, switch, loading facilities as well as the operational control system.

Location: Hamburg
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Congress topic: Intelligent Infrastructure

Agency for Geoinformation and Surveying (LGV)


Hamburg’s Data Heart

We invite you to come on an exclusive trip into the heart of Hamburg’s data. You will get to know how the Urban Data Platform Hamburg (UDP) works and why many ITS-projects rely on it.

In addition to the UDP, this visit offers insight in three use-case categories:

– Data moves (Traffic infrastructure data)
– Data shows (Connected Urban Twin)
– Data flows (Real-time data)

The selected use-cases will give you an understanding of the opportunities data accessibility provides. Furthermore, we invite you to take inspiration from our work, transfer new ideas to your own projects, and bring them back to your home-towns.

Location: Hamburg
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Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes/Traffic Management Center Germany


Discover the future@Tunnel network BAB 7

Whether you are an interested visitor or an ITS expert – discuss and experience HATMS – the Hamburg motorway and tunnel management system. Our experts answer your questions about the technical system and present a short movie showing how our operators can control, monitor and influence Hamburg’s traffic flow by using a single interface. During the afterwards drive through the Hamburg tunnel system, you will experience our ITS live.

Location: Bad Oldesloe (about 50km away from Hamburg)
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Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes/Traffic Management Center Germany


Discover the Future @ Traffic Center Germany (Verkehrszentrale Deutschland)

You want to experience the future traffic management in Germany? You are curious how research projects on intelligent transport systems become reality? Come and visit us in Frankfurt to experience an exclusive guided tour through our traffic center, learn and discuss about our flagship projects on intelligent traffic management and see our cooperative application “roadworks warning” showing you the way.

Our modern and well-equipped traffic center serves as a role model in traffic management within the Autobahn GmbH and on top of that manages various research projects, e.g. on car-to-x technologies on infrastructural side and the ELISA-eHighway. Combine this promising event with your arrival at Frankfurt airport, just two minutes from our location.

Location: Frankfurt (about 500km away from Hamburg)
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Note: For this Technical Visit, the transfer to visit must be organised by the visitor. We are working with our partners to offer visitors better rates for domestic travel.

Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen GmbH


Visiting the Realizer for ITS Road Infrastructure Hamburg.

Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen is offering visitors a technical visit round ITS traffic infrastructure facilities. This will give an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the technical background of different ITS lighthouse projects in Hamburg. Visitors can get detailed answers to questions on a range of topics stemming from the elements presented, or on the “Digitising Urban Traffic” demo tour and the associated ITS projects such as aVME, HaRaZäN, BiDiMoVe, TAVF-HH/V2X, and SmaLa. Also included is a visit to the technical monitoring centre for the ITS systems and the test laboratory of HHVA. The technical visit lasts three hours and is offered at the company’s site incl. shuttle service.

Location: Hamburg
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Congress topic: New services from new technologies

Helmut-Schmidt-University / University of the Federal Armed Forces


AI inspection-drone for visual aircraft inspections

The automated inspection of surface defects on an aircraft by using UAS solutions will be demonstrated in the hangar of Lufthansa Technik Hamburg. During the demonstration, all necessary steps with flight preparation, automated inspection execution and AI-supported data evaluation will be presented. The event will be supplemented by a project presentation and Q&A sessions.

Location: Hamburg
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ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research


Experience aviation innovations of tomorrow.

This visit offers a tour of one of the world’s leading civil aviation research centers. You will learn about ZAL’s Open Innovation approach and our Innovation Service, while gaining insights into the state-of-the-art infrastructure: Acoustics Lab, AI Aviation Lab, Fuel Cell Lab, Laser peening, Cabin & Cargo Testrig and many more. Current projects are presented in an exhibition, ranging from digital cabin concepts to fuel cell drone, or safety AGV. Our experts will be on site, looking forward to the exchange with you.

Location: Hamburg
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Congress topic: Solutions for cities and citizens

Volkswagen AG


DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum: Future Mobility concepts

Intelligent mobility solutions regarding all modes of mobility such as shared, electric, micro and logistic are required, especially in cities, where challenges such as pollution and congestion need to be tackled. Experience future mobility concepts at the exciting location at DRIVE, the Volkswagen Group Forum in the heart of Berlin.

Location: Berlin (about 285km away from Hamburg)
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