Next Mobility Hydrogen Truck

Fleet operators are under high pressure. In light of the government’s ambitious climate plans, alternative drives and emission reduction opportunities play a major role in the growing fleet business. Hydrogen is seen as the basis of a sustainable energy future. If hydrogen is produced from renewable energies, there are no greenhouse gas emissions from production and consumption. The Next Mobility Accelerator Consortium, including Shell, Paul Nutzfahrzeuge and MaierKorduletsch, developed one of the industry’s first fuel cell medium-weight trucks (14-18t). It consists of an electric axle and a range extender of a hydrogen fuel cell. The Roll-out of fuel cell electric trucks will start in 2022. The first prototypes will be available for selected customers in 2022 and production will start in 2023. This new vehicle will be an important step in decarbonizing the transport sector.

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Next Mobility Accelerator Consortium

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