Two automated friends – Passenger Shuttle and delivery robot operating together

The unique character of the TaBuLa-LOG project is the combination of passenger and freight transport. In its real life setting in Lauenburg a transport robot named “Laura” boards an automated shuttle at selected stops and covers most of its route in the shuttle’s passenger compartment. It dismounts near its destination and covers the last mile independently. Laura delivers mail of the local authorities. The route offers a large number of challenges, such as cobblestones and steep inclines, which make the research project unique in its existence. The complete demonstration of the project will take place during a technical visit to Lauenburg.
In the demonstration hall (B2) we keep the shuttle stationary, but still showcase the interaction with the transport robot. You will experience how Laura boards the shuttle using a ramp and how it maneuvers safely in close proximity to other passengers using its sensors.

Messe Hamburg Halle B2

Hamburg University of Technology

TOPIC 1 – Automated & Connected Driving